What Your Martial Arts Practice Needs

The best way to get the most out of the instruction you receive at the martial arts studio is to extend the time you practice, and the best way to do that is to bring it home and practice on your own martial arts mats. It won’t cost a small fortune to install some thick, textured, shock-absorbing mats in a space at home, whether large or small, and your progress will move to the fast track. Continue reading “What Your Martial Arts Practice Needs”

Family Martial Arts at Home

Have you ever given thought to putting some martial arts mats in your home so you can practice with your kids? There are lots of families taking lessons in martial arts together, for various reasons like simply spending time together, showing by example how important an active lifestyle is, and starting something together where both parent and child are beginners. That hour or so at the studio is really important time, but what if you could extend that time at home with your own martial arts studio? Continue reading “Family Martial Arts at Home”

Something New

If you’re already thinking about New Year’s resolutions, may we suggest considering taking up an active hobby like martial arts?¬†Of course training with someone qualified is a must for safe and correct form, but you can continue your practice at home, even in a small space, with some supportive and affordable martial arts mats. Continue reading “Something New”

Martial Arts Mats for the Little Guys

Want to keep your children protected at home while they try out their martial arts moves? Our EVA Tatami finish martial arts mats are just the thing you’re looking for. They’ll support the kids with firm EVA foam while giving them enough padding to make it easy to rebound from falls. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats for the Little Guys”