Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?

If you describe your martial arts mats as “good enough” for what you’re doing, chances are, they’re not good enough for what you really need. We tend to skimp on equipment when the budget is tight, but when your safety and the longevity of your martial arts practice are at stake, “good enough” just isn’t. The good news is that you can afford the best martial arts mats your practice and your well-being demand. Take a look. Continue reading “Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?”

Take Down Your Opponent, Not Your Bank Account

Accelerating your progress in your martial arts practice can be as simple as making sure you have a practice area at home, complete with studio-quality martial arts mats that are thick, textured, supportive, and affordable. Once you begin practicing between instructional classes, you’ll see your progress kick into overdrive and mastery become just a little more tangible. Continue reading “Take Down Your Opponent, Not Your Bank Account”

Martial Arts vs The Red Carpet

If you’re one of those athletes who’d rather see some action on some martial arts mats instead of the red carpet, last night probably wasn’t your best tv viewing time. Though, truth be told, there were some pretty memorable take-downs during the awards show…but we digress. Watching truly masterful martial artists is a thing of beauty, an exhibition of some of the finest discipline and athleticism you can find. And you want to be one. So let’s get you set up with your own martial arts studio right in your very own home. Continue reading “Martial Arts vs The Red Carpet”

A Home Martial Arts Studio is a Great Idea

If you’ve ever tried to show off a form or technique you were still in the process of perfecting on a hard surface floor or carpet and had the misfortune to wipe out in the process, you probably quite swiftly became aware of the importance of the martial arts mats that cover the floor of your dojo. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid it so far, that probably means you’re practicing enough. But the further along you get, the more practice it’s going to take, and the more contact with the floor you’re likely to have. For the times when you can’t be in the martial arts studio, why not create a mini studio of your own at your place? Continue reading “A Home Martial Arts Studio is a Great Idea”

Martial Arts at Home

Transforming a room in your home into your very own martial arts studio is easy and affordable when you begin with some of our Jumbo Martial Arts mats. The tiles are 40″ square, so they cover more area faster and with fewer seams. You can do the installation yourself, and in mere minutes, your new martial arts studio is ready for a good workout. Continue reading “Martial Arts at Home”

What Your Martial Arts Practice Needs

The best way to get the most out of the instruction you receive at the martial arts studio is to extend the time you practice, and the best way to do that is to bring it home and practice on your own martial arts mats. It won’t cost a small fortune to install some thick, textured, shock-absorbing mats in a space at home, whether large or small, and your progress will move to the fast track. Continue reading “What Your Martial Arts Practice Needs”

Time and Martial Arts Mats

Time is a precious resource, and with a few martial arts mats in your home, you can practice your martial arts any time of the day or night. Waiting for the next studio session or packing things up to head to the gym isn’t the best use of time when it comes to how your martial arts practice progresses, so having a home martial arts gym or practice area can save you time and kick your practice up a notch.  Continue reading “Time and Martial Arts Mats”

The Best Martial Arts Mats for Your New Home Studio

Having the right martial arts floor mats in your home for practice can make a huge difference in your experience. EVA foam martial arts mats provide superior grip and cushion falls, and are affordable and easy to install yourself. Don’t neglect your foundation as you set up your own martial arts practice space at home. Once you’ve got that firm foundation, the rest will be easier, more comfortable, and will produce the results you’ve been looking for.

Continue reading “The Best Martial Arts Mats for Your New Home Studio”

Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio

With nothing more than some supportive, cushioned tatami finish martial arts mats, you can create a safe space in your home for a good martial arts practice or workout. Aside from hiring a professional teacher, there is really no other addition you need to make to ensure that your home practice area is safe for your extended practice. Bring what you’ve learned home from your studio or gym, and keep it going in safety. Continue reading “Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio”