Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!

Starting your kids off on the glorious journey that is gymnastics is so simple: it all begins with some tumbling mats. From tumbling mats you can lead them on with an incline mat, maybe a balance beam, and even some skill shapes and trainers. Once they discover how much fun tumbling is and how much you encourage it, their path to an active lifestyle is off to a great start! Continue reading “Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!”

What’s Under the Tree?

To be the best gift-giver ever in your little elves’ eyes this season, you need look no further than our full line of gymnastics equipment. Can you imagine the looks on your young gymnast’s face when she sees a giant cube all wrapped up under the tree? What could it possibly be? Choosing gymnastics equipment as your holiday gift will bring squeals of wonder and excitement from the moment the kids start guessing what it is. Continue reading “What’s Under the Tree?”

Too Much Sitting? Tumbling Mats to the Rescue!

If your kids have not started back to school, they soon will be, and the best thing you can have ready for them when they get home is a healthy snack and some tumbling mats. (“Huh?”) You heard us correctly – something to hold them over until dinner and something to help them maintain an active lifestyle rather than crashing on the couch or bed with an electronic entertainment device. We are definitely not anti-electronics, but one thing is for certain: when kids have the option to be active or sedentary, it’s far too easy to choose the latter. But we all know where that road leads. Continue reading “Too Much Sitting? Tumbling Mats to the Rescue!”

The Heck is a Cheese Mat?!

Cheese mats, or incline mats, are not made of a creamy dairy product, nor are they good on crackers with a nice cab sauv. Cheese mats do not have Swiss holes in them, nor should they be used to bait mouse traps. See where this is going? They have nothing to do with cheese. But they are shaped like a wedge, so somewhere along the line, someone decided that wedge was a wedge of cheese and the gymnastics apparatus got its bizarre name. But since they’re an integral part of a gymnastics practice, we, of course, have them in stock, and not in the refrigerated section. Continue reading “The Heck is a Cheese Mat?!”

Places for Tumbling Mats

Of course the very foundation of gymnastics is the love of the sport, but physically speaking, tumbling mats are the sport’s safe foundation. But these versatile mats can be the foundation for even more activities. School sports season is about to kick in – use the tumbling mats for a safe cheer practice or even wrestling. Tumbling mats are an affordable method of protection for just about any activity done on the ground. Continue reading “Places for Tumbling Mats”

Indoor Summer Workouts with Gymnastics Equipment

We don’t know about you, but for us, the tumbling mat season really kicks off when the sweltering summer heat kicks in. The real competitive season ended in April, but how many elite athletes do you know who take time off? Practice is a year-round thing, and if you’re not inclined to do outdoor exercise in these record-setting summers, grab a few gymnastics mats and get set up in the luxury of a nice, air-conditioned environment. It’s an awesome way to stay limber and in shape in the summer (or get your kids to wear themselves out) without the need to reapply sunblock every twenty minutes. Continue reading “Indoor Summer Workouts with Gymnastics Equipment”

What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!

Are you doing cartwheels in the hallway because you’re so excited spring is here and your kids can finally play outside? We wouldn’t blame you. If you want to really motivate them to get outside to get the wiggles out, nothing will do it better than some gymnastics equipment they can use in the backyard. Continue reading “What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!”

Your Home Gymnastics Studio

Given how often your gymnast shows off her moves at home, it would probably be a good idea to get some gymnastics equipment for her to use in the house or yard. With a wide variety of tumbling mats, balance beams, and skill shapes, you can choose what she needs to be able to safely and comfortably perfect her skills at home. We Sell Mats has everything she could possibly need: tumbling mats, incline mats, balance beams, cartwheel mats, and personal exercise mats, all made of high-quality Crosslink polyethylene foam and covered with durable and easy-to-clean heavy-duty vinyl. Whether your gymnast is a young tumbler or a soon-to-be elite athlete, she needs a safe place at home to continue to practice what she learns at the gym. Continue reading “Your Home Gymnastics Studio”

Playing for Growth

Toddlers and young children develop and improve gross motor skills mostly through play, and one of the most fun ways of playing is with some fun gymnastics equipment like a tumbling barrel. Or maybe a cheese mat. Or even just a tumbling mat. All three encourage kids to think creatively, be active, and in the meantime, unbeknownst to them, develop crucial motor skills. Continue reading “Playing for Growth”