Martial Arts at Home

Transforming a room in your home into your very own martial arts studio is easy and affordable when you begin with some of our Jumbo Martial Arts mats. The tiles are 40″ square, so they cover more area faster and with fewer seams. You can do the installation yourself, and in mere minutes, your new martial arts studio is ready for a good workout. Continue reading “Martial Arts at Home”

Martial Arts Studio Practice At Home

Why bother installing martial arts flooring mats at home if you have a great studio at which to practice? If you are browsing our website, you obviously know why, but let us help just a bit. How many days of practice does it take for something to become a habit? Grandma would tell you thirty. It is not a magic number, but the point is that the more regularly you do something, the more likely you are to stick with it. Sure, once or twice a week at the studio with an experienced instructor is essential, but think about bringing that home, as it were, to your own home martial arts studio.  Continue reading “Martial Arts Studio Practice At Home”

Martial Arts Mats Bring Out The Best You

Using martial arts mats at home is a great way to keep you fit year-round, including those times between certain holidays (cough…Thanksgiving…cough…Christmas). It can be easy to give into the rush and preparation, but the focus of a home martial arts practice, including meditation, can keep you focused on patience, self-discipline, and health. Our martial arts mats are an affordable way to set aside some space in your home for just such a practice. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats Bring Out The Best You”