Play Spaces In Kids’ Bedrooms

The house I grew up in had an awesome playroom in the basement. Orange and yellow shelves and cabinets lined an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling pegboard opposite. A child-sized door cut out of the plywood wall that separated the playroom from the laundry room made it easy to get to mom when I needed to (and was just cool).  Continue reading “Play Spaces In Kids’ Bedrooms”

Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

If you’re a parent or a childcare provider, either in your home or a facility, you understand the importance of the surface your kids play and grow on. You know what’s easy to care for, what’s safe, and what’s comfortable and supportive for little feet. Interlocking foam floor mats address these concerns in spades and will even outlast whatever your little ones can throw at them (or spill on them…). Continue reading “Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares”

Gymnastics Participation Continues to Rise

It makes sense that watching an activity you enjoy can increase the likelihood that you’ll participate in the activity when you have the chance. When the World Cup rolls around, there’s a spike in the number of folks heading out to the backyard to kick the ball around. If you’re in Rio in 2016, you might be inspired to take up swimming again. Not sure so sure about the odds for curling, but you get the idea. One of the activities that has seen steady growth in the past years is gymnastics, especially where children are concerned. Continue reading “Gymnastics Participation Continues to Rise”

Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun

Look around – does your house look like it could pass for a daycare or maybe a plastic recycling center? Toys everywhere! Somehow the things don’t manage to stay confined to the kids’ rooms, do they? Here’s a hint: they never will! Time to consider designating a specific room in the house as a playroom. No worries – we’re here to help! Continue reading “Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun”

There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child

Remember taking the cushions off the couch and adding them to the pile of blankets and towels on the floor so you’d have a nice soft landing spot when you vaulted over the back of the sofa like a real elite athlete? For some of us, that was decades ago, and for others, maybe more like last Friday night, but the point is that most kids need an outlet for tremendous amounts of energy, and at some point, it usually involves tumbling routines in the living room. Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child”

Controlling Kids’ Allergies

According to the Center for Disease Control, allergic conditions are among the most common medical condition affecting children in the United States. Some kids become hypersensitive to things in their environments like food or pollen that trigger allergic reactions. Hay fever, the most common respiratory allergy, is a reaction to small particulates that our kids breathe. Obviously the air outdoors will contain many respiratory allergens, but so can our family rooms, our kids’ bedrooms, and their playrooms. To cut back on the irritants in these areas, the Asthma and Allergy foundation makes several recommendations for controlling the air quality in your home. Continue reading “Controlling Kids’ Allergies”