Saved by Tumbling Mats!

Keeping up with a child whose energy seems to appear out of thin air is a full-time job. And an exhausting one. Where do they get that energy?! What if you had a safe, fun, bouncy place for them to use daily, you know, once you just couldn’t take it anymore? What if a huge package arrived in the mail, just for them, and they unwrapped their very own tumbling mats? You’d be the coolest parent ever! Continue reading “Saved by Tumbling Mats!”

How Young is Too Young?

Remember the controversy surrounding the gymnastics competition in the Beijing? The age of some of the gymnasts was contested, alleging that they were too young to be competing. The International Gymnastics Federation raised the minimum age for international competition from 15 to 16 in 1997 citing increasing risks of injury to athletes as routines become more difficult and judging becomes more demanding. Some claim the minimum age requirement should be abolished altogether. Continue reading “How Young is Too Young?”

Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???

Just before school started at the end of this summer, you couldn’t drive 2 blocks without seeing signs for recreation department sports teams: soccer, football, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, and dozens of other activities. And this is all in addition to whatever the schools would be offering. It’s great that our kids are being encouraged to take an early interest in active lifestyles, but as a parent, how do you decide which sport is right for your kid? Continue reading “Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???”

Get ’em Off the Couch

Kids are home after school, wanting nothing more than to shrink into a ball on the sofa or bed, clutching the video game controller or cell phone, retreating into a sedentary, digital world. We all need a little time to unwind, but we also need just as much, maybe more, time to be active. Where’s the balance? Continue reading “Get ’em Off the Couch”