A Magical Space for Every Imagination

November 18th is National Princess Day, and while the holiday may not be on everyone’s radar, it’s the perfect time to give the princess in your life the royal treatment with a new themed space. Whether it’s a playroom, classroom, or gymnastics studio, We Sell Mats has a parent-approved upgrade to multiple flooring options, including pink, purple, and other majestic-colored EVA foam mats fit for your young king or queen.

No matter what theme you’re decorating for, We Sell Mats is ready to help you design your child’s dream room easily and cost-effectively.

Take it to the Next Level

Got a little gymnast? Turn your home gym or studio into a wild jungle with green equipment they can climb and swing from. Our gymnastics mats, inclines, and practice beams come in a wide array of colors to let your inspiration take flight.

No matter what interests your kids have, mixing and matching our foam mats and interlocking tiles is the ultimate way to create their favorite themed room. And when the day comes that they are no longer into princesses, jungles, pirates, or mermaids, our mats disassemble with ease, leaving you with yet another blank canvas to transform.

Besides color, another way to elevate the room is to mix patterns and textures. You could use only blue foam tiles to emulate the ocean for a pirate or mermaid themed room, or wood printed tiles for a camping, woodland or fairy theme.

New Play Areas

When they’re little, the play area is a play pen or a soft carpet surrounded by a plastic gate. But then they grow, and the play area is too limiting. So you have some work to do. Where will be the safest, most comfortable, and accessible play area for your toddler? Wherever you decide to put it, we believe some soft, supportive EVA foam mats will make that space perfect. Continue reading “New Play Areas”

Small Play Spaces That Really Work

Having a limited area in your home for a play space for kids can be a challenge, but with some soft, supportive EVA foam mats, you can define the space, keep it clean, and rest assured the kids are playing in a safe area. And when they grow a little, as kids are wont to do, the play space can grow and move with them. Now that’s a versatile play space! Continue reading “Small Play Spaces That Really Work”

Defining Play Areas

Young boy surrounded by toy cars.

At home, designating a space as the play area can be as simple as putting a toybox in a corner of the family room or encouraging play in a child’s room. But play areas are everywhere: malls, gyms, libraries, medical offices, and daycare facilities. Delineating the play space is the first step you take toward making sure kids have a safe space to play, a healthy environment for their hard job of growing up. Continue reading “Defining Play Areas”