Protecting the Kids Without Hovering

Adventurous boy

We’re coming to understand that overprotecting our kids is actually counterproductive. They need to take risks, explore their environments, and make discoveries on their own without the constant intervention and guidance of adults. But as parents, it’s hard to know where the lines are between good parenting and overprotective parenting. We’ve got an idea that will make it a little easier to let the kids grow independently and still be safe. Continue reading “Protecting the Kids Without Hovering”

Play Spaces that Grow

Ok, they don’t actually grow in the biological sense, but play spaces can actually be transformed as your kids grow and their needs change. Unlike their toys and clothes that must be replaced entirely as they grow up, kids’ play areas are unique in that they can be redesigned and rearranged using the same space. One way to do this is (obviously!) using floor mats. Continue reading “Play Spaces that Grow”