Yoga for Fitness, Yoga for Life

When you unroll a yoga mat, you’re unfurling possibilities for your life you probably never imagined. Yoga has a way of seeping into all areas of your daily life, from increased concentration and flexibility to a calmer state of being overall. So why don’t more people take on this perfect form of exercise and fitness? We were wondering the same thing. Continue reading “Yoga for Fitness, Yoga for Life”

Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat

Whether you’re new to the practice or have been doing yoga since the ’60s, the best yoga mat (and the last one) you’ll ever use is the Manduka Pro yoga mat. We get to make this outrageous claim because we use these mats ourselves and can attest to the fact that they meet all the needs any kind of yogi will have. Continue reading “Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat”

Happy Yoga-days

There’s no place like a yoga mat for the holidays. A twist on an old carol, yes, but true nonetheless. We’re all aware of how stressful holidays can be: travel, missing family members, tensions, financial burdens, and all that food! The one place you can count on for stress relief during the holidays is your yoga mat. Don’t have one? Maybe now is the time to get yourself a gift you’ll truly use. Continue reading “Happy Yoga-days”