The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym

There are so many fitness routines out there that it can be hard to choose the right equipment you’ll need, including your flooring. Is yoga your thing? You’ll need a mat. Do you enjoy BJJ? You’ll need mats. Do you do high-impact workouts at home? You’ll need some seriously shock-absorbent floor mats. No matter what you do in your home gym or workout space, you’re going to need protection and stability from your flooring system to take your mind off potential stress injury and keep it focused on your regimen. Continue reading “The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym”

An Unbeatable Combination: Martial Arts and Yoga

martial artist meditating

If the marriage of yoga and martial arts sounds odd to you, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find you weren’t alone. But increasingly, students of martial arts are finding that a regular yoga practice not only increases their strength and balance, but helps channel their point of focus more keenly. Continue reading “An Unbeatable Combination: Martial Arts and Yoga”

Exactly What You Need in a Martial Arts Mat

boy practicing karate

Ask anyone – there are some deal-breakers when it comes to shopping for martial arts mats for your home or studio. 1) The mats have to be able to absorb enough shock from impact that you or or students are adequately protected. 2) The mats must be firm enough to ensure balance and stability. 3) The finish on the mats should contribute to, not detract from, your ability to attack and defend. Continue reading “Exactly What You Need in a Martial Arts Mat”

The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need

Martial arts take down

You can’t settle for second rate when you’re in the market for martial arts flooring. It could mean the difference between getting back up or making a trip to the ER. Especially in martial arts involving kicking or striking, like tae kwon do, you have to be confident in your stance. A solid foundation is your best bet for performing safely and effectively. Continue reading “The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need”

Martial Arts and Special Needs Kids

With awareness on the rise regarding special needs kids, it should come as no surprise that many martial arts facilities and pediatric therapy centers are offering classes in the martial arts to children who would not fit in with a typical martial arts class. Why? Because we’re learning how much martial arts can contribute to the healthy development of kids with conditions like autism, sensory processing disorders, and even cerebral palsy.  Continue reading “Martial Arts and Special Needs Kids”

Crash Pads

Interesting tidbit: if you look up the definition of “crash pad” you’ll find very little about gymnastics or martial arts. Crash pad is an informal term for a place to sleep. It’s also a shock-absorbing material used to protect vehicle occupants. Now, tag your search with “gymnastics” or “martial arts” and you’ll get the definition we’re after. Interestingly, in the flooring context, crash pads or crash mats still have some of the components of the original definition. A resting place. Shock-absorption. Protection.  Continue reading “Crash Pads”