Your New Fitness Routine: Martial Arts

If you’re looking for a new workout to stir your fitness routine up a bit, consider something you can do at the gym as well as at home: martial arts (with the necessary martial arts mats, of course). If you’ve never tried martial arts before, you may discover they work completely different muscle groups than you’re used to, challenge your sense of balance, and demand more mental focus, which is always a good thing. Continue reading “Your New Fitness Routine: Martial Arts”

Martial Arts for Keeping Up

Winter is off-season for a handful of sports, but it’s an excellent time to pick up martial arts if you’re not already into them. If you’re into a sport that isn’t really suited for outdoor practice in the snow or cold weather, you’ve got to find some way to stay on top of your game while you’re waiting for the sun to come back out. A lot of sports work pretty specific muscles and you need a particular range of motion for them. So, in order to stay on top of that kind of stuff, you need an indoor exercise routine that provides the kind of whole-body workout that can be difficult to achieve with a typical gym routine. Enter martial arts. Continue reading “Martial Arts for Keeping Up”

Kicking the Home Studio Up a Notch

Tired of rug burns from practicing martial arts on the living room carpet? Practicing on the wrong surface is a sure-fire way to cut your practice time short, because you’re working out on a surface that was never intended to be used for training. With a little planning, you can turn a small or large space in your home into a supportive, padded, and inviting martial arts studio. Continue reading “Kicking the Home Studio Up a Notch”