Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!

child looking at lady bug

Wish your kids had a safe place to play on the patio or deck where you didn’t have to worry about them eating the lawn or getting splinters? A tried and true solution is just a click away! EVA foam mats are soft, supportive, easily cleaned, and a piece of cake to take apart and store. They are, quite frankly, the perfect solution to every parent’s concerns about safe play spaces, indoors or out. Continue reading “Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!”

Outdoor Play Areas Defined With Mats

toddler in grass

It’s finally starting to get warmer – of course we’ll all be complaining of the excessive heat soon enough – and that means that the kids have more opportunities to play outside. Or maybe you’re the one wanting to get out, but keeping watch over a toddler outdoors isn’t your idea of becoming one with nature. What if there were a way to keep the little one safe and happy that didn’t require you to be hands-on every minute? There is!! Continue reading “Outdoor Play Areas Defined With Mats”

Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area

toddler playing on cobblestones

If you have little ones and want a comfortable, safe place for them to play outdoors, consider a play space lined with colorful, easy-to-clean, easily stored foam mats. Decks and patios are great places to hang outside, but when little knees are busy scurrying over them, the treated lumber or concrete can cause no end of discomfort from scraping and splinters. Foam mats are the only way to go! Continue reading “Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area”