Play Area Flooring: Safety and Comfort For All

After you read this blog, hop on over to our Facebook page and take a look at some of comments from parents, daycare providers, and teachers who have used our EVA foam mats for their playrooms and classrooms. Hands down, this is one of the most popular uses of our colorful mats. With our interlocking mats, play areas can become visibly defined and wall-to-wall installation is literally a snap. Continue reading “Play Area Flooring: Safety and Comfort For All”

Hooray for Play Mats!

Your kids spend a lot of time on the floor, so it’s important that the play area on the floor they’re so fond of rolling on, spilling on, and falling on is safe and easy to care for. Our play mats and multi-purpose mats are perfect for this application. If you want a soft, supportive, and stain-resistant place for your kids to do their important work of playing, these play mats are for you. Continue reading “Hooray for Play Mats!”

Taming the Toys

Play areas can become a little, shall we say, congested – after the holidays. How is yours shaping up? Can you still see the floor? Are you able to actually get the door open at all? One of the things we love doing best is helping families create lovable, comfortable living spaces, and the play room or area should be no exception. We can help you tame those toys with a few foam mats and some imagination! Continue reading “Taming the Toys”

Where to Put the Play Area?

Finding the right space in your home for a dedicated play area for young kids can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small apartment or house. You look around and wonder where in the world can you create a safe play space for the kids while still being able to keep an eye on them. We Sell Mats has a solution that’s mobile, easy to clean, and simple to reconfigure.  Continue reading “Where to Put the Play Area?”

Stop the Creeping Infestation of Toys in Your Home

Does your child’s play area look like it needs the attention of the Red Cross or at least the entire state’s sanitation department? Good news: no need for the governor to declare your home a disaster area. The solution may be as simple as defining their play area with some soft, fun, EVA foam mats. No kidding. Continue reading “Stop the Creeping Infestation of Toys in Your Home”

Creative Indoor Play Areas

It can be hard to get into the headspace of a kid to design their perfect play area. For instance, with the advent of a certain augmented reality game, older kids might never want to play inside again. It’s a pretty safe bet that the parents of young gamers across the world are rejoicing, as they will never struggle to get their kids to play outside again. For the little ones who can’t yet wrap their hands around a smartphone, though, the world is full of bumps and tumbles, and so the ideal play area will have a forgiving floor that will allow them to take a few falls without too much discomfort. Continue reading “Creative Indoor Play Areas”

Play Areas Made Safe with EVA Foam Mats

Have a kid who loves bouncing on the bed, vaulting over the couch and swinging from anything that will hold her? Then you’ve come to the right place for some safe flooring surfaces to put down in the play area. Keeping the kids safe during play can be a challenge, but with our shock-absorbing, non-toxic EVA foam mats, you’re one step closer to providing a safe space for all kinds of imaginative, energetic, and raucous play. Continue reading “Play Areas Made Safe with EVA Foam Mats”

Multiple Uses for Our Best Tumbling Mats

kids play fighting

It’s a truly great product that is so outstanding you want to use it for multiple purposes – and can! That would be our tumbling mats. Many of our customers have purchased the tumbling mats for their kids to use to do gymnastics at home, but they’ve discovered that they’re great for even more purposes.  Continue reading “Multiple Uses for Our Best Tumbling Mats”

Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea

It’s true, kids will turn any 24-inch space into their personal play area, but do you really want that space to be in the middle of the kitchen floor? Or maybe on your bed? Or the dining table? Toy sprawl is inevitable, but there is one thing you can do to keep the toys contained: designate a play area or playroom. Continue reading “Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea”

Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

If you’re a parent or a childcare provider, either in your home or a facility, you understand the importance of the surface your kids play and grow on. You know what’s easy to care for, what’s safe, and what’s comfortable and supportive for little feet. Interlocking foam floor mats address these concerns in spades and will even outlast whatever your little ones can throw at them (or spill on them…). Continue reading “Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares”