Play Mats to Outlast Your Kids

Play mats from We Sell Mats may be the single thing you use as a parent that actually outlasts your kids – as many as you can have! The kiddos will outgrow clothes and shoes in a matter of weeks, they’ll lose interest in the newest toy in about the same amount of time, and they’ll even outgrow their bedroom furniture. But the one thing you can count on lasting is the foundation you lay for your kids’ play area. Our play mats are a minimum of 3/8″ of EVA foam, so they’re supportive while being soft and durable. Continue reading “Play Mats to Outlast Your Kids”

Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System

If you think ahead (and we think you do), you’ve given thought as to how to make your home appealing to a potential buyer: repairs to minor issues, additions to the house itself, and protecting attractive wood floors with things like EVA foam play mats. Yes, keeping your floors in top shape can help keep your whole house in peak selling condition. Continue reading “Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System”

Hooray for Play Mats!

Your kids spend a lot of time on the floor, so it’s important that the play area on the floor they’re so fond of rolling on, spilling on, and falling on is safe and easy to care for. Our play mats and multi-purpose mats are perfect for this application. If you want a soft, supportive, and stain-resistant place for your kids to do their important work of playing, these play mats are for you. Continue reading “Hooray for Play Mats!”

Play Areas They’ll Never Outgrow

Sound impossible? Not with EVA foam mats! When the kids just need a small area designated for play, the number of mats you might choose to purchase as their “arena” might be few. But as they grow, their need for space increases (and so does the size and number of their toys). That little toddler space needs to expand. EVA foam mats can do that! Continue reading “Play Areas They’ll Never Outgrow”

New Play Areas

When they’re little, the play area is a play pen or a soft carpet surrounded by a plastic gate. But then they grow, and the play area is too limiting. So you have some work to do. Where will be the safest, most comfortable, and accessible play area for your toddler? Wherever you decide to put it, we believe some soft, supportive EVA foam mats will make that space perfect. Continue reading “New Play Areas”

Play Spaces for Any Room

Creating a designated play space for your kids in the house can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small apartment or are renting and can’t make major changes to your home. But with a few EVA foam mats, you can create that area in any amount of space, knowing your child’s play area will be safer, easier to clean, and transportable should the need to move it ever occur. Continue reading “Play Spaces for Any Room”

Play Areas at Home, School, and Daycare

If you’re looking for creative DIY flooring solutions for a play area, you’ve come to the right place. EVA foam mats for play rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and even daycare facilities and schools are one of our specialties. Play mats can protect your kids and your floors, are easily maintained, are ridiculously affordable, and you can install them yourself in just minutes.  Continue reading “Play Areas at Home, School, and Daycare”

Playrooms – Not Just For Kids Anymore

Ok, when you say “playroom” most people will think you’re talking about a designated room or area for the kids to play in, and that’s often the case, but we all know grown-ups need space to play, too. With our wood grain and carpet top EVA foam mats, any space you put them in will instantly become a place kids and adults alike will want to play in. Continue reading “Playrooms – Not Just For Kids Anymore”

Small Play Spaces That Really Work

Having a limited area in your home for a play space for kids can be a challenge, but with some soft, supportive EVA foam mats, you can define the space, keep it clean, and rest assured the kids are playing in a safe area. And when they grow a little, as kids are wont to do, the play space can grow and move with them. Now that’s a versatile play space! Continue reading “Small Play Spaces That Really Work”