EVA Foam in the Play Room

Wood Grain mats in customer day care play room.

Few things can make the time spent in the play area anything but the highlight of the little ones’ day, but losing a battle with gravity can do it. A non-carpeted play area can mean extra tears, but we’ve got a solution that doesn’t involve reflooring: EVA foam! Seriously, this is like the duct tape of flooring materials, you can use it for everything. It’ll make a fall a little easier to take for the kids, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to install and remove. And that’s just the start – if you’ve followed us for a while, you likely know how much we love EVA foam, but if not, let’s cover some of its other finer qualities… Continue reading “EVA Foam in the Play Room”

Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids

woman playing with baby

Stay with us on this – it actually does make sense. How many times have you heard, “Will you play with me???” And of course it’s right at the moment when it feels like if you do anything but blink and breathe you’re going to collapse. But kids aren’t aware of adult needs the way adults are aware of theirs. Fortunately, We Sell Mats has your back. And your backside. Continue reading “Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids”

Protect the Kids, Protect the House

We’re all about safety at WeSellMats. The very nature of our shock-absorbing EVA foam mats means they make activities that much safer. (Cue super-hero music) Whether you’re working out at home or the gym, practicing self-defense or karate, working in the garage, providing daycare, or just watching your kids play and grow, our mats provide protective surfaces on which to do all these things safely.  Continue reading “Protect the Kids, Protect the House”

Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

Once kids have entered the equation of a household, it’s time to re-evaluate. Your relationship to your house and the space you considered “yours” is now all up for grabs. It might feel like this new wrinkle in the mix is taking over – well, yeah, it is. But having toys, strollers, carseats, and potty chairs taking over your space doesn’t have to mean they’re taking over your life. Time to compartmentalize. Continue reading “Taking the Relationship to the Next Level”

Play Spaces that Grow

Ok, they don’t actually grow in the biological sense, but play spaces can actually be transformed as your kids grow and their needs change. Unlike their toys and clothes that must be replaced entirely as they grow up, kids’ play areas are unique in that they can be redesigned and rearranged using the same space. One way to do this is (obviously!) using floor mats. Continue reading “Play Spaces that Grow”