Play Areas They’ll Never Outgrow

Sound impossible? Not with EVA foam mats! When the kids just need a small area designated for play, the number of mats you might choose to purchase as their “arena” might be few. But as they grow, their need for space increases (and so does the size and number of their toys). That little toddler space needs to expand. EVA foam mats can do that! Continue reading “Play Areas They’ll Never Outgrow”

Foam Mats for Fun Playrooms

girls playing in playroom

If you peruse our Facebook page, you’ll see a lot of comments from people who’ve used our mats to cover playroom floors. This is one of the most popular uses of our mats, whether it involves the colorful 3/8” mats or the classy wood grain mats. Play areas in larger rooms get defined, and other playrooms get the wall-to-wall treatment. Whichever fits your needs, you and your kids will be thoroughly satisfied with your newly floored playroom.  Continue reading “Foam Mats for Fun Playrooms”

Play Areas are for the Whole Family

Child playing with grandparent

It is becoming more and more common to see extended families living under the same roof, which makes it increasingly important to keep the kids’ play areas contained and organized. With multiple generations, uncoordinated schedules, and different physical space needs, the modern home is becoming a battleground.  Continue reading “Play Areas are for the Whole Family”

Trends in Playrooms

kids playing in playroom

Take a look at what’s hot in playroom decor, and you’ll wonder who comes up with these things. Some of the “play” rooms look like they were actually designed to appeal to the inner child of an adult, not an adventurous, messy kid. Kids should be able to be themselves in their own play space. As a certain magic school bus driver would say, kids should be able to “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!” Continue reading “Trends in Playrooms”