Defining Play Areas

Young boy surrounded by toy cars.

At home, designating a space as the play area can be as simple as putting a toybox in a corner of the family room or encouraging play in a child’s room. But play areas are everywhere: malls, gyms, libraries, medical offices, and daycare facilities. Delineating the play space is the first step you take toward making sure kids have a safe space to play, a healthy environment for their hard job of growing up. Continue reading “Defining Play Areas”

Better Wintertime Play Areas

One of the challenges of parenting with active kids comes in the winter months, when so much more time is spent inside. More noise, more messes, and more energy exerted within the house can be a recipe for disaster, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to contain. Though the digital era has moved many kids indoors for entertainment, the cold does that even better. But putting some EVA floor mats in the playroom can serve you in a few different ways, and there’s nobody better equipped to give you a hand with that than We Sell Mats! Continue reading “Better Wintertime Play Areas”

Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea

It’s true, kids will turn any 24-inch space into their personal play area, but do you really want that space to be in the middle of the kitchen floor? Or maybe on your bed? Or the dining table? Toy sprawl is inevitable, but there is one thing you can do to keep the toys contained: designate a play area or playroom. Continue reading “Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea”

Floors After Christmas

stepping on a lego brick

How does the play area look in the post-Christmas carnage? About what percentage of LEGO® pieces have you stepped on so far? Know what would make walking through the playroom a lot less agonizing? EVA foam mats. They’re just like LEGO®, only with the torturous piercing sensation of sharp plastic knifing into your foot replaced with comfort, cushion and a general sense that the world is a brighter place. Continue reading “Floors After Christmas”

Play Areas Kids Actually Want to Play In

a super messy bedroom.

If you search the ‘net even for a brief time, you’re going to find some absolutely amazing playroom ideas. There are whole rooms converted to pirate ships or castles or space stations. There are playrooms with multimedia entertainment systems suspended from ceilings, mounted to walls, or hidden in tidy cupboards. There are cork walls, chalkboard walls, and whiteboard walls. And as soon as you think it might be worth the investment, that little voice in the back of your mind whispers, “Yeah, but will they actually play in it??” Continue reading “Play Areas Kids Actually Want to Play In”

EVA Foam in the Play Room

Wood Grain mats in customer day care play room.

Few things can make the time spent in the play area anything but the highlight of the little ones’ day, but losing a battle with gravity can do it. A non-carpeted play area can mean extra tears, but we’ve got a solution that doesn’t involve reflooring: EVA foam! Seriously, this is like the duct tape of flooring materials, you can use it for everything. It’ll make a fall a little easier to take for the kids, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to install and remove. And that’s just the start – if you’ve followed us for a while, you likely know how much we love EVA foam, but if not, let’s cover some of its other finer qualities… Continue reading “EVA Foam in the Play Room”

Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids

woman playing with baby

Stay with us on this – it actually does make sense. How many times have you heard, “Will you play with me???” And of course it’s right at the moment when it feels like if you do anything but blink and breathe you’re going to collapse. But kids aren’t aware of adult needs the way adults are aware of theirs. Fortunately, We Sell Mats has your back. And your backside. Continue reading “Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids”

Protect the Kids, Protect the House

We’re all about safety at WeSellMats. The very nature of our shock-absorbing EVA foam mats means they make activities that much safer. (Cue super-hero music) Whether you’re working out at home or the gym, practicing self-defense or karate, working in the garage, providing daycare, or just watching your kids play and grow, our mats provide protective surfaces on which to do all these things safely.  Continue reading “Protect the Kids, Protect the House”

Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

Once kids have entered the equation of a household, it’s time to re-evaluate. Your relationship to your house and the space you considered “yours” is now all up for grabs. It might feel like this new wrinkle in the mix is taking over – well, yeah, it is. But having toys, strollers, carseats, and potty chairs taking over your space doesn’t have to mean they’re taking over your life. Time to compartmentalize. Continue reading “Taking the Relationship to the Next Level”

Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun

Look around – does your house look like it could pass for a daycare or maybe a plastic recycling center? Toys everywhere! Somehow the things don’t manage to stay confined to the kids’ rooms, do they? Here’s a hint: they never will! Time to consider designating a specific room in the house as a playroom. No worries – we’re here to help! Continue reading “Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun”