The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym

There are so many fitness routines out there that it can be hard to choose the right equipment you’ll need, including your flooring. Is yoga your thing? You’ll need a mat. Do you enjoy BJJ? You’ll need mats. Do you do high-impact workouts at home? You’ll need some seriously shock-absorbent floor mats. No matter what you do in your home gym or workout space, you’re going to need protection and stability from your flooring system to take your mind off potential stress injury and keep it focused on your regimen. Continue reading “The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym”

Gymnastics Training at Home

In just two very short years, we’ll all gather ’round the televisions and computers to watch incredibly strong, fit athletes compete in the gymnastics competition of 2016 in Rio. What makes these particular athletes such a draw? We’d venture to say it’s their astounding physiques and the unbelievable feats of strength and flexibility they perform in pursuit of their dream: gold. Continue reading “Gymnastics Training at Home”