Retail Settings Need Mats!

Customers at grocery store

Flooring is one of those things that you want to be able to forget about in a retail or commercial situation – usually, if it’s drawing your attention, it’s because it’s doing something it isn’t supposed to be doing. Maybe it’s damaged, maybe it’s unattractive, or maybe it’s just killing your feet since you’ve been walking on it all day. Floor mats are a phenomenal solution to these kinds of issues. We’ve got plenty of options to allow you to forget about what’s beneath your toes for the day and focus on your business, whether that’s in a daycare, a warehouse, a garage, or anywhere else. Continue reading “Retail Settings Need Mats!”

Trade Show and Retail Flooring

Customers at trade show

Floors don’t stand out. They’re often intentionally understated. They’re kind of like shelves, intended only to hold, support, or display something else. And that’s okay. Understated can be good. It certainly holds sway in the world of attire: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman. In Coco Chanel’s world, an understated elegance guaranteed a lasting, positive, and productive impression. We like to think of our wood grain and carpet top mats as the impeccable flooring solution for the retail and trade show worlds. Continue reading “Trade Show and Retail Flooring”

Starting the Business Year Off Right

Retail worker with sore feet from standing all day.

Everyone has made personal New Year’s Resolutions (and probably regretted a few of them already), but have you ever considered a resolution for your business? Of course you want productivity and revenue up, but what specifically can you do to see that this happens? Making your business stand out from others is a good way to start and we’re here to help. Continue reading “Starting the Business Year Off Right”

Shopping a Trade Show

In her article “Walking a Trade Show – Thirty Helpful Planning Tips” ( Susan Friedmann instructs attendees of trade shows in all the ways you might expect: plan your visit; map the facility out so you know where you want to go; have a list of exhibitors handy and mark those who are priorities; have plenty of business cards available. But number 10 on her list is the one that caught our eye: wear comfortable shoes because walking around trade shows places stress on the feet and other joints, making you feel fatigued all over.  Continue reading “Shopping a Trade Show”

Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to make a product or service more attractive. And part of what makes customers choose to buy something is the experience they have in doing so. Displays, lighting, atmosphere, and customer service all play important roles in selling a product, but did you ever stop to consider that the flooring you and your customers are walking on might have something to do with it, too? Continue reading “Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business”