Protecting Your Kids and Your Floors

Fundamentally, our floor mats do one thing: protect. In some cases, they protect you by softening the impact of your body on the floor during exercise or martial arts, and in others, they protect the floors from the aggressive physical activity. There is little physical activity, however, that parallels the sheer force and energy of children at play. Children are incredibly durable, actually – they can survive cuts, bruises and scrapes from playing outdoors like no adult can, and as any parent knows, some days their energy knows no bounds. We know your kids are tough enough to handle their playroom activities, but are you so certain that your house can withstand it? Continue reading “Protecting Your Kids and Your Floors”

Martial Arts Floor Pads

If you’re thinking about buying martial arts floor pads, there are many important factors to consider. At We Sell Mats, we can tell you everything you need to know about shopping for and selecting your martial arts floor pads and other types of padded fitness flooring.

Before you purchase martial arts floor pads, think about how you intend to use the mats. If you’re training alone, you’ll need significantly less space than you would if you were practicing with a group. A good option for group training is one or more sets of our interlocking martial arts floor pads. However, if you’re practicing individually, you may prefer to purchase single mats rather than packs of six. Before you order the floor pads, measure the area you hope to cover so you can find out exactly how many floor pads you’ll need.

Once you determine how many martial arts floor pads you’ll need, turn to the We Sell Mats website. Although you’ll see other martial arts mats available online, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for mats of inferior quality. At We Sell Mats, we offer premium floor pads with Tatami finish. You’ll get all of the protection and stability you expect for just a fraction of the price!

Speaking of price, it is extremely important to establish your budget before you buy martial arts floor pads, since prices can vary widely from site to site. At We Sell Mats, our floor pads are extremely affordable without sacrificing quality. Our most inexpensive option is the half-inch thick martial arts mat, at only nineteen dollars per pack. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, though, you’ll receive more cushioning with the three-fourths inch thick martial arts mat, priced at thirty dollars per pack. Both mats come in striking colors like red or blue, plus more traditional gray and black.

We love the martial arts floor pads at We Sell Mats, and we know you will, too. In fact, many martial arts and MMA schools use our mats for teaching and training. Ask your local studio where they purchased their mats—it might just be We Sell Mats!