Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?

If you describe your martial arts mats as “good enough” for what you’re doing, chances are, they’re not good enough for what you really need. We tend to skimp on equipment when the budget is tight, but when your safety and the longevity of your martial arts practice are at stake, “good enough” just isn’t. The good news is that you can afford the best martial arts mats your practice and your well-being demand. Take a look. Continue reading “Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?”

Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You

Designating a martial arts practice space in your home with the installation of some Tatami finish martial arts mats is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. To get the most out of your martial arts classes at the studio, you need to practice at home, and having your own martial arts studio, no matter how big or small, is affordable, easy to install, and will help you progress much faster. Continue reading “Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You”

Protecting Kids During Martial Arts Practice

If you’ve enrolled your kids in martial arts classes at a local studio, good for you! Martial arts are a fantastic way to engage kids in an active and healthy lifestyle with benefits across the board. The only concern, as in any other activity in which they participate, is their safety. When they come home from class and want to continue practicing, where are they going to do it? The family room or basement? No way – not safe. The answer is to create a space in your home with martial arts mats on the floor so they can show off their new forms and continue to practice in safety. Continue reading “Protecting Kids During Martial Arts Practice”