Tatami Martial Arts Mats for the Commoner

In ancient Japanese culture, tatami mats were used to seat the nobility comfortably on the floor. Got an ancient Japanese noble in your home? We didn’t think so, but you can still use tatami finish martial arts mats for your own comfort when you’re practicing martial arts, whether at home or the studio. Continue reading “Tatami Martial Arts Mats for the Commoner”

Martial Arts Mats for a Safe Home Practice

If you’re practicing martial arts at home without martial arts mats to protect you, well, you’re doing it wrong. Doesn’t matter how good your form or level of fitness, if you’re practicing without mats, you’re taking a risk that just doesn’t need to be taken. We have affordable, top-quality martial arts mats that can fit into any space in your home for your martial arts workout; no risk required. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats for a Safe Home Practice”

What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?

What exactly are Tatami martial arts mats? Perhaps you’ve heard of tatami flooring mats as they were used in Japanese homes of long ago. But in a martial arts mat, a Tatami finish means that the mats are textured to reflect the look and feel of the long, thin strands of rice straw used originally to make the mats. Why choose a Tatami finish martial arts mat? Glad you asked. Continue reading “What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?”

Judo, Karate, Even BJJ – At Home!

Martial arts mats aren’t just for the gym. If you’ve ever tried to do a workout on the carpet in your bedroom, you know what a martial arts rug burn is like. And you never want another. Instead of limiting your practice to the gym or studio, grab a set of our martial arts mats and create your very own martial arts studio at home! Continue reading “Judo, Karate, Even BJJ – At Home!”

Keep the Martial Arts Practice Going Long and Strong

Sure there are sports where having EVA foam mats wouldn’t do much to prevent injury: skydiving, motocross, synchronized swimming, to name a few. But for just about every other sport, including martial arts, mats go a long way to protecting you from a long recovery period and hours in physical rehab. Continue reading “Keep the Martial Arts Practice Going Long and Strong”

Martial Arts Mats for Beginners and Pros

Doesn’t matter which martial art you’re practicing at home, if you don’t have the right mats for the job, somebody’s going to get hurt. Then there goes your lifetime of martial arts. That’s no way to practice! Choose the mats that will fit your particular practice, and without spending an arm and a leg (or breaking them), and you can spend hours at home improving performance without worrying about injury. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats for Beginners and Pros”

Protect Yourself During Training

Training in any martial art can be really good for your health, but it also presents some dangers, not the least of which are hard falls. Taking steps to keep yourself safe while you train will not only limit the medical bills, but it will help ensure that you have years to enjoy your training and your art. Thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats are the first step toward making sure your martial arts training is the safest it can be. Continue reading “Protect Yourself During Training”