The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need

Martial arts take down

You can’t settle for second rate when you’re in the market for martial arts flooring. It could mean the difference between getting back up or making a trip to the ER. Especially in martial arts involving kicking or striking, like tae kwon do, you have to be confident in your stance. A solid foundation is your best bet for performing safely and effectively. Continue reading “The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need”

Martial Arts and Marco Polo

how would foam mats have changed the fate of Marco Polo?

If you haven’t seen the Netflix original series, Marco Polo, you’re missing a great exhibition of martial arts executed by several MA masters. Praying mantis kung fu? Yes, it’s real. Many martial arts were developed through observation of animals and insects,and we get a good look at it in several of the episodes involving Chinese chancellor, Jia Sidao. Bayan Hundred Eyes instructs young Marco in the ways of kung fu with the intensity only Tom Wu could demonstrate…but on tile floors?! Hmmm…how would Marco’s travelogues been different if he’d trained on 3/4″ EVA foam martial arts mats??? Continue reading “Martial Arts and Marco Polo”

What to Look for in a Martial Arts Mat

What to look for in a martial arts floor mat.

When you’re practicing a martial art, there are a couple things that are pretty much supposed to hurt you, but the floor isn’t one of them. You’ve got enough to concentrate on without worrying about the reliability of your flooring. The solution? Well, we’ve got a couple, and they come in a bunch of colors and dimensions. Continue reading “What to Look for in a Martial Arts Mat”

Martial Arts and Culture

When karate practitioners on the island of Okinawa began to instruct American forces stationed there after the War, they had no idea the movement they would be creating. One such karate master believed that if the Americans could begin to appreciate karate, they would come to appreciate the Okinawan culture and history – perhaps to become friends. Today, martial arts continues to welcome students into many east Asian cultures. Continue reading “Martial Arts and Culture”

Tatami Martial Arts Mats

If you’ve decided to outfit your home gym with some space and equipment for a martial arts workout, or if you’re looking to start or improve your own MMA gym, you’re going to need to pay special attention to your flooring system. And yes, it’s a whole system, not just a floor. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats provide everything you need: grip, shock-absorption, support, and so much more.

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Are Our Martial Arts Floor Mats Right for You?

Sometimes when you really get into a new workout or sport, you want to spend lots of time doing it, maybe even at home. For the person practicing Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, or other martial arts, setting up a home studio or practice area can present a special challenge. Safety is of utmost importance, and since you’re going to take a few spills and stress your joints in the workout, you need a supportive yet cushioning floor. The problem is that you can’t find good martial arts floor mats in brick-and-mortar stores.  Continue reading “Are Our Martial Arts Floor Mats Right for You?”

Superior Martial Arts Flooring Tiles

As we see it, the best flooring for martial arts should have seven important characteristics: prevent injury, cushion a fall, last a lifetime, be versatile, easy to clean, and affordable, and look seriously professional. We Sell Mats’ martial arts foam mats have all these qualities and more. And we can prove it!

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