Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you’re new to the yoga scene (yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, etc.), you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, but mostly likely you’re just feeling sore. And that could be because you’re using the wrong yoga mat. Yes, it’s possible to use a mat that isn’t best for your level of skill or your personal needs, so we have yoga mats in varying thicknesses and tacks to help you get the yoga mat that will make you more comfortable during your practice, something that’s key to making sure it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle. Continue reading “Cut Yourself Some Slack”

Think You’re Not Fit for Yoga?

For many, the thought of rolling out a yoga mat seems pointless. “I can’t even touch my toes, how do you expect me to do yoga?” “The image of me in yoga pants should be criminalized.” “I’m old enough to be your grandfather – what makes you think I could bend into a pretzel?” Yeah, we’ve all heard the reasons not to do yoga, but frankly, the people who feel incapable of doing yoga are exactly the people who could benefit most from it! Continue reading “Think You’re Not Fit for Yoga?”