Upping the Ante at Trade Shows

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Every retailer knows that trade shows are essential. You learn, you check out the competition, you make contacts, and hopefully, you gain new customers. One thing that often happens at trade shows that you don’t usually plan for is the aching back and sore feet that come with standing on a concrete floor all day long.  Continue reading “Upping the Ante at Trade Shows”

The Best Trade Show Booth has EVA Foam Mats

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Putting together a successful booth for trade shows can be a challenge. The display needs to be attractive, professional, and intriguing enough to pull potential customers in. But frankly, it has to be comfortable to stand on for hours at a time. And therein lies the rub. Never was a trade show held on anything less than hard concrete floors, right? So to be prepared for this inevitable eventuality, you need to be armed with your own flooring solution that will attract customers and keep you and your staff happily on your feet for the duration. EVA foam mats are that solution. Continue reading “The Best Trade Show Booth has EVA Foam Mats”

Shopping a Trade Show

In her article “Walking a Trade Show – Thirty Helpful Planning Tips” (thetradeshowcoach.com) Susan Friedmann instructs attendees of trade shows in all the ways you might expect: plan your visit; map the facility out so you know where you want to go; have a list of exhibitors handy and mark those who are priorities; have plenty of business cards available. But number 10 on her list is the one that caught our eye: wear comfortable shoes because walking around trade shows places stress on the feet and other joints, making you feel fatigued all over.  Continue reading “Shopping a Trade Show”

Be There – Or Your Competition Will

Have you ever done a trade show – you know, those big expos at the civic center or university auditorium where you set up your little folding table, your product display, maybe a banner, and then hope like heck some people stop and ask you about your product? Might seem like a lot of work for a questionable return, but the fact is, if you don’t show up, your competition who does show up will make the contacts and get the business.  We’re here to increase your odds. Though you might think WeSellMats is in the business of selling mats (oh…um – yeah, we are, but…), we’re also in the business of helping you improve your business! Continue reading “Be There – Or Your Competition Will”

Trade Show Flooring Dos and Don’ts

Interlocking foam mats make great trade show flooring.Flooring for trade show booths can be a tricky problem to solve. On the one hand, you want something that looks professional and attractive, but it also must be comfortable to stand on for several hours at a stretch. Practically, you’ll also be looking for a flooring solution that is as lightweight as possible, designed for fast and easy assembly, extremely durable, and ideally easy to clean.

Continue reading “Trade Show Flooring Dos and Don’ts”