Trade Show Booth Flooring Gives You An Edge

Having an edge on the competition at the trade show just got easier with EVA foam multipurpose mats. Every little thing you can do to stand out from the crowd at the exhibition hall is in your business’ best interest, and when you start with an eye-catching, comfortable, and easy to transport flooring system, you’re one up on the rest. Continue reading “Trade Show Booth Flooring Gives You An Edge”

Stay Ahead on the Floor

If you are one of those small business owners who has found the value of setting up a booth at the trade show, you are already a step ahead of the competition. And we want to help keep you that way, so we have some floor mats for trade show booths that will improve the look and performance (yes, trade show booths perform!) of your booth with minimal investment and maximum outcome. Continue reading “Stay Ahead on the Floor”

What Would You Change About Your Trade Show Booth?

If you could change anything about your trade show booth to make it better, would you choose some high-quality, attractive trade show flooring mats? In our humble opinion, that’s exactly what you should choose, and we’ll tell you why: you want to improve your presence at the trade show, and an attractive, anti-fatigue flooring system is just the ticket to bring more customers to your booth and keep you energized and performing at the top of your game all day long. Continue reading “What Would You Change About Your Trade Show Booth?”

The Sociology of Trade Show Booth Flooring

Staffing the trade show booth can be a pretty polarizing experience—for some, it’s a fun, exciting way to market where you can let your sterling personality attract customers to your business rather than relying on media advertising where there’s no real way to establish a relationship with potential customers. For others, the trade show is a long, harrowing, overwhelming test of endurance. We’re no sociologists, but we’ve got a theory about what causes the difference between the two groups: see what kind of surface they’re standing on in their booths. Very little kills an energetic mood in the nuanced and frustrating way that sore feet do, and very little damages your ability to capitalize on a trade show like a grumpy booth dude. Continue reading “The Sociology of Trade Show Booth Flooring”

Choosing a Trade Show Booth Flooring Product

Choosing a flooring material for your trade show booth can be tricky. Ideally, you want something that looks professional, but also must meet your practicality standards. You need to be able to stand on it for hours at a time without becoming sore or fatigued. You also need a flooring solution that is as lightweight as possible, easily transported, easily maintained and lasts for years. Continue reading “Choosing a Trade Show Booth Flooring Product”

Improve Your Booth and Bottom Line

We can’t say it often enough: happy feet make for good trade show experiences. Don’t believe us? Try standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours straight without sitting. Think about the people attending the trade show, too. They’ve been walking around that same floor for a couple of hours and might just get fatigued enough they go home before they get to your booth. Bad news all the way around. But if your feet are happy, and you provide a happy-feet oasis for the potential customers, your sales will inevitably climb. Continue reading “Improve Your Booth and Bottom Line”

Personalize Your Booth

What’s going to make your trade show booth stand out at the next exhibition? Let’s face it, if you don’t stand out, you may as well save your resources and stay home. But trade shows are a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business, so let We Sell Mats help you build the best booth yet with some top-of-the-line flooring solutions and a few trade show tips! Continue reading “Personalize Your Booth”

A Trade Show Flooring Review

If you’ve ever staffed a trade show for your business, you know it can be exhausting. The planning alone can be an overwhelming task, and fielding the curve balls pitched to you at the event itself can have you swinging wildly if you’re not prepared. If your booth is designed atop attractive, supportive, and comfortable flooring, well, that’s one less thing you have to worry about! Continue reading “A Trade Show Flooring Review”