Choosing a Trade Show Booth Flooring Product

Choosing a flooring material for your trade show booth can be tricky. Ideally, you want something that looks professional, but also must meet your practicality standards. You need to be able to stand on it for hours at a time without becoming sore or fatigued. You also need a flooring solution that is as lightweight as possible, easily transported, easily maintained and lasts for years. Continue reading “Choosing a Trade Show Booth Flooring Product”

Starting the Business Year Off Right

Retail worker with sore feet from standing all day.

Everyone has made personal New Year’s Resolutions (and probably regretted a few of them already), but have you ever considered a resolution for your business? Of course you want productivity and revenue up, but what specifically can you do to see that this happens? Making your business stand out from others is a good way to start and we’re here to help. Continue reading “Starting the Business Year Off Right”

Best Flooring for Trade Shows

Presentation is everything. You could have a top-of-the-line product, but if you can’t make it look like the one thing your customer’s can’t live without, it’s worth about as much as the dirt beneath your feet. If you’re honest, what’s beneath your feet at a trade show can actually boost the appeal of your product. How? So glad you asked. Continue reading “Best Flooring for Trade Shows”