A Business Makeover

When you don’t have an extra mil sitting around the bank account but you want to do something to give your business a facelift, installing some Premium Carpet Topped floor mats or some faux wood grain EVA foam mats is an affordable and eye-catching option. You can install the mats yourself, so you save on installation costs, too. Continue reading “A Business Makeover”

Trade Show and Retail Flooring

Customers at trade show

Floors don’t stand out. They’re often intentionally understated. They’re kind of like shelves, intended only to hold, support, or display something else. And that’s okay. Understated can be good. It certainly holds sway in the world of attire: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman. In Coco Chanel’s world, an understated elegance guaranteed a lasting, positive, and productive impression. We like to think of our wood grain and carpet top mats as the impeccable flooring solution for the retail and trade show worlds. Continue reading “Trade Show and Retail Flooring”

Upping the Ante at Trade Shows

customers at trade show

Every retailer knows that trade shows are essential. You learn, you check out the competition, you make contacts, and hopefully, you gain new customers. One thing that often happens at trade shows that you don’t usually plan for is the aching back and sore feet that come with standing on a concrete floor all day long.  Continue reading “Upping the Ante at Trade Shows”

Kicking the Room Up a Notch

You’d like to do something to make the living or family room look a little nicer. Maybe some new furniture, a paint job, the floors. Hmm. The floors. Now that would really change the look, wouldn’t it? What do you think – hardwood? A plush carpeting? Ceramic tile? If you’re considering a small, say 12×12 space, it could cost you upwards of $1000 to do any of these options. But for a mere $165, you could install your own wood grain foam mat flooring system and be enjoying the comfort and warmth of faux wood grain flooring in a matter of a few hours.  Continue reading “Kicking the Room Up a Notch”

Wood Grain Foam Mats: Common Questions

Wood Grain Foam Mats

Wood Grain Foam Mats, sometimes referred to as Faux Hardwood, have become one of our most popular products, often even topping out as our weekly best-seller. Their handsome design makes it easy to see why they’ve become so popular (we have even more designs in development right now), but there are a number of common questions about our wood grain foam mats so we thought we’d take a moment to address them here on the blog.

Continue reading “Wood Grain Foam Mats: Common Questions”