Create an Atmosphere to Keep Them Coming Back

small business owner in front of store

Small business owners have their work cut out for them. In a culture of Big Stores and online ordering, small brick-and-mortar stores are fighting tooth and nail for their very existence. So the brave souls at the helms of these small enterprises are always on the lookout for ways to make their products and services more attractive. One of the aces up their sleeves is the art of presentation.

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The Best Trade Show Booth has EVA Foam Mats

busy trade show/expo

Putting together a successful booth for trade shows can be a challenge. The display needs to be attractive, professional, and intriguing enough to pull potential customers in. But frankly, it has to be comfortable to stand on for hours at a time. And therein lies the rub. Never was a trade show held on anything less than hard concrete floors, right? So to be prepared for this inevitable eventuality, you need to be armed with your own flooring solution that will attract customers and keep you and your staff happily on your feet for the duration. EVA foam mats are that solution. Continue reading “The Best Trade Show Booth has EVA Foam Mats”