Silver Dumbbells

It’s Christmas everything, so to go along with your (silver) dumbbells (hear the tune?), of course we’re going to suggest some one-horse open fitness mats to go with them (horses not included). Seriously, what better way to get ready for over-eating and drinking than to get a head start on a New Year’s fitness routine? Continue reading “Silver Dumbbells”

Personal Exercise Mats

The best thing about exercise is that it can be done absolutely anywhere, and with a personal exercise mat, you can take your workout wherever you go. Got a long drive to a business event? Take your mat along and turn the nasty hotel carpet into a great workout space. Heading to the beach for a little R&R? Make sure it includes some exercise on your mat to keep you feeling active and healthy. Maybe you just want to make the basement floor a little softer for your home workout? Not a problem with our 1.5″ or 2″ thick personal exercise mats.  Continue reading “Personal Exercise Mats”

The Foundation of a Solid Fitness Program

Feet preparing to exercise

Where does a good workout routine begin? It could be with your choice of venue: home or gym. It might be with your trainer (if you choose to have one) and what kind of routine he or she suggests. But really, the routine is going to begin with your feet. No matter the venue, the trainer, the routine, or your current fitness level, your feet are the front line of attack and defense when you begin a fitness program. Continue reading “The Foundation of a Solid Fitness Program”

Foam Floors? Really??

Okay, this isn’t shaving foam we’re talking about here. We’re talking flexible, supportive EVA foam. It’s a soft, durable copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate that has lots of different applications: flooring, sporting equipment, crafts, costumes, set design, and even your favorite summer-time flip-flops.  Continue reading “Foam Floors? Really??”