Yoga Mats for Indoor or Outdoor Use

One of the great things about yoga is that it’s the sort of exercise you can take with you anywhere. In the summer months, parks are often full of folks doing yoga and enjoying the outdoors. We’re all for that, of course, but given the trend of record-breaking heat over the past couple years, we certainly won’t blame you if yoga becomes an indoor exercise for you until September. Fortunately, neither will your equipment; yoga mats are the most convenient mat type and they’re a piece of cake to move around, so if five minutes into outdoor yoga you realize it’s going to be an indoor yoga day, you’ll be glad this particular exercise routine is as flexible as you are. Continue reading “Yoga Mats for Indoor or Outdoor Use”

Greater Stretch, Greater Space with Gaiam® Yoga Block

Woman in triangle pose

Beginners and experienced yogis alike will tell you there’s a time and a place for the yoga block. Blocks help you incrementally achieve more difficult extensions and offer a little help when you need it. They can also help correct hyperextensions that could lead to injury. Our yoga block by Gaiam® is made to support beginners, seasoned yogis, and athletes looking for serious support. Continue reading “Greater Stretch, Greater Space with Gaiam® Yoga Block”