Mats for Every Kind of Fitness

There are probably about as many different kinds of fitness mats as there are ways to get fit. Whether you’re a yogi, a weightlifter, a runner, or into any other kind of athletics, there’s likely to be some kind of variably squishy flooring specifically designed to go under your particular feet. There are, of course, some all-purpose mats you can get, but if you’re going to be dropping a barbell after squats, you’re probably going to want something a little tougher than a yoga mat. Continue reading “Mats for Every Kind of Fitness”

Yoga Mat Envy

You know you’ve got a great yoga mat when your instructor asks to look at it and says, “That’s really nice! Where’d you get it?” You happily tell her that you bought it from this place online called We Sell Mats. Then you tell her how little you paid for it. She freaks out a little bit and says, “What was the name of that website again??” Continue reading “Yoga Mat Envy”

Gaiam® Yoga Mats – Only the Best Will Do for You

No matter which all-purpose big box store you wander through, you’ll find yoga mats. Why not grab one? They’re cheap and they’ll do the trick, right? Wrong. When you’re in the market for a yoga mat, you don’t want to go cheap precisely for the reason that cheap won’t do the trick. You need a mat you can count on, that will last for years, and that will help keep you going in your new yoga practice. That’s why you need a yoga mat from We Sell Mats.  Continue reading “Gaiam® Yoga Mats – Only the Best Will Do for You”