Take Your “A” Game to the Next Trade Show

Preparation is key to a successful trade show, and having the right foundation from which to display your product is the first thing to consider when you’re in the preparation phase. How do you get the most impact from your appearance? What are your goals for a particular exhibition? Getting people to engage at your booth is your primary objective, and with classy, elegant, and comfortable wood grain EVA foam mats as the underlayment for your booth, you’ll attract and retain those potential customers without having to speak a single word.

The visual appearance of wood grain flooring makes any booth stand out from the crowd. It lends an air of professionalism that will bolster your product’s appeal. And when your customers step into your booth and realize they’re not really standing on hard wood, they’ll feel comfortable and pleasantly surprised, feelings you can use to your business’ advantage. A customer who feels good is more likely to be open to hearing what you have to say, and since you’ll have been standing on anti-fatigue mats all day, you’ll be more energized and positive about the way you present your product.

Carpet is a standard trade show booth surface, but it stains easily and has to be replaced, unlike EVA foam mats. Wood grain mats will resist stains, a common occurrence at trade shows; simply wipe up the spill and move on. At the end of the show, sweep them off, mop if you need to, then take the mats apart, stack into a convenient shoulder bag, and stick them in the car for the trip home. They’re lightweight, unlike carpet, so a single person can easily snap them together by their interlocking tabs, take them up again, and handle transport without an aching back. If one of the mats ever becomes damaged, simply replace the single tile – no need to purchase an entirely new floor system.

EVA wood grain foam mats are an economical, eye-catching, low-maintenance solution to an outstanding and profitable performance at the next trade show.