Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

Once kids have entered the equation of a household, it’s time to re-evaluate. Your relationship to your house and the space you considered “yours” is now all up for grabs. It might feel like this new wrinkle in the mix is taking over – well, yeah, it is. But having toys, strollers, carseats, and potty chairs taking over your space doesn’t have to mean they’re taking over your life. Time to compartmentalize.There comes a time in any relationship when you have to decide what’s in your control and what’s not. And with kids, learning to roll with the punches is key in maintaining what little control you’ll feel you have! To take your relationship with your house and your kids to the next level, you’ve got to figure out how to maintain a livable space that you can still feel comfortable in (preserving your sanity) while providing the kids with a space in which they can feel free to be kids. And let’s face it, being a kid is messy.

Designating a space in the home as a play space is the first step in reclaiming your own grown-up space and giving the kids an area in which they can fight dragons, conquer evil ninjas, serve tea, strut the catwalk, and build rockets for expeditions into space. Imagine all that happening in your living room – don’t wanna?? Then let us help you create that sacred play space with style, ease of maintenance, and flexibility.

With just a few EVA foam mats, you can cover the floor of an entire room or just a space in a conveniently located area that delineates the ok-to-play area from the adults-only oasis. For the younger ones, you should consider our ABC-123 foam mats. These adorable mats have all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 in soft, sturdy 3/8″ EVA foam. The mats snap together with interlocking tabs and the numbers and letters can pop out. Since they’re EVA foam, they clean quickly and easily with just a little water. No harsh chemicals needed. You get 36 square feet of playroom coverage with these mats and a lifetime (well, maybe a childhood) of security knowing your little dudes have a soft, cushioning surface on which to grow and play.

For the older kids, nothing beats our colorful 3/8″ mats. They assemble just like the ABC-123 mats and come in 13 striking colors. Buy one color or mix and match for a fun look that’s sure to appeal to the kids. And for a limited time, we’ll even ship them for free. Each tile is 2’x2′, so just measure the space you want to cover and we’ll get them shipped to you right away! Like us on Facebook and you’ll get our friends-only 5% discount, too!

Relationships can be messy; but if you say what you need and don’t settle for less, you’ll be a happier human. (We’re still talking about mats, here…) Define the space you want for your kids, and cover it with supportive, easily cleaned foam mats. Then look forward to a lifetime of happy kids, contented parents, and a cleaner house!