Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You

Designating a martial arts practice space in your home with the installation of some Tatami finish martial arts mats is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. To get the most out of your martial arts classes at the studio, you need to practice at home, and having your own martial arts studio, no matter how big or small, is affordable, easy to install, and will help you progress much faster.

While you’re thinking about what gifts to give this holiday season, remember to give yourself the gift of some soft, shock-absorbing martial arts mats so your practice can continue at the pace you choose. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats come in several thicknesses so you can choose the best amount of padding for your particular practice. Think of them as a customized gift – the best kind! If you’re a seasoned martial artist, perhaps you like a solid feel of the earth beneath you. That’s why we carry 1/2″ martial arts mats. These work perfectly for the athlete who wants to claim balance and stability above all else. If a little more padding is your style, our 3/4″ martial arts mats may just be the ticket. Your feet still have solid purchase, but when you hit the ground, there is ample padding to allow you to get right back up. And if kids are going to be involved in practicing on the mats, we recommend our thickest mats, the 1″ thick Tatami finish martial arts mats. These offer maximum protection for beginners as well as for those who need the most cushioning for joints.

If you have a large area to cover, maybe a whole room, consider our Jumbo martial arts mats. These 3/4″ thick mats will cover that large area faster and with fewer seams. The application of some carpet tape to the underside of the mats will help prevent the mats from slipping, and will give you a little more peace of mind. And because the mats don’t require professional installation, you can install them yourself in just minutes, allowing you to get on with the more important work of practice.

Give yourself the gift of Tatami finish martial arts mats now – don’t wait for the holidays – and step up that martial arts practice.