Tatami Martial Arts Mats for the Commoner

In ancient Japanese culture, tatami mats were used to seat the nobility comfortably on the floor. Got an ancient Japanese noble in your home? We didn’t think so, but you can still use tatami finish martial arts mats for your own comfort when you’re practicing martial arts, whether at home or the studio.

Our tatami finish martial arts mats come in three different thicknesses, unlike the traditional tatami, which was made from rice straw and grass. You’ll definitely get more padding from our EVA foam tatami mats than the first martial artists got from their mats! And ours are very easily configured to fit any space. They have interlocking tabs that connect them to each other, and they come with straight edge-finishing pieces so your configuration can always have a nice, finished look.

Not sure which tatami martial arts mats are the right ones for you? Ask yourself a couple of questions. Will you be doing high-impact martial arts? Will children be using the mats? Do you need a lot of padding or just a little? Determining the use of the mats will help you decide which thickness of the mats is best. When you’re spending a lot of time grappling or doing throws, you’ll want maximum padding. Our 1” martial arts mats are the way to go. These are also recommended if kids will be practicing on the mats. If your practice doesn’t require extra padding, our 3/4” mats might be a good middle ground. They still provide lots of cushion, but also give you a great sense of stability. If you’ve been practicing for years and know how to hit the floor, our 1/2” mats might provide all the cushioning you need.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a member of the ruling class to be able to use tatami martial arts mats. Just as the tatami mats eventually made their way into the homes of the common population in Japan, tatami finish martial arts mats have established their place in the homes and studios of martial artists all over the world, regardless of their social status. Put some in your home and let the wisdom and protection of centuries of martial artists guide you in your martial arts practice.