Tatami Martial Arts Mats

If you’ve decided to outfit your home gym with some space and equipment for a martial arts workout, or if you’re looking to start or improve your own MMA gym, you’re going to need to pay special attention to your flooring system. And yes, it’s a whole system, not just a floor. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats provide everything you need: grip, shock-absorption, support, and so much more.

Let’s start with the Tatami finish. Our interlocking mats have a ribbed finish, mimicking the tatami mats of Japanese origin. The original mats were made of rice straw and provided a layer of cushioning for seating. Today’s tatami mats are often made with wood chips or foam cores to provide even more padding. So why replicate a tatami mat on our martial arts mats? Because martial arts students and masters discovered that the ribbing of the mats provided unparalleled grip for bare feet during training. And since the mats can now be made (like ours are) with soft EVA foam, they provide support along with the protection of padding.

Protection is crucial for practicing martial arts. The safer you are, the longer you can train. If your limbs (and other parts) are fatigued from a poor training surface, your workout will be cut short and you may even find you’re unable to train as many days each week as you’d like. Give yourself and your students the benefit of our anti-fatigue mats and watch improvement happen almost overnight. In addition to their anti-fatigue quality, our mats also come in two thicknesses, so beginners and advanced practitioners can choose the appropriate level of support and padding.

Rice mats would have been a bear to clean, but our EVA foam mats are easily maintained. A little warm water and a mop or rag are the only tools you’ll need to keep the mats clean and in good shape. No chemicals necessary. The interlocking tabs mean they’re easy to install (no adhesives necessary, either) and easy to take up again. In fact, the word tatami comes from a Japanese word meaning “to fold,” so you know these mats are going to be easy to store and transport.

Our martial arts mats are in homes and gyms all over the world because they’ve proven themselves to be durable, supportive, easy to maintain, and even more affordable than any other mats available online. Not sure which thickness to try? Give us a call – we’ll send you a free sample so you can make an informed decision. We’re confident you’ll love our Tatami martial arts mats!