The Best Defense…

Even if you’ve never spent time on martial arts mats, you can finish the title of this blog entry. “The best defense is a good offense.” The idea has been expressed for millennia, though the first person to use that exact phrase is unknown. But we’re all familiar with the meaning: a proactive stance is often your best bet when it comes to defending yourself and others. Training in the martial arts is one of the most obvious applications of this theory, and is one that will serve you the rest of your life. We’re here to help you get started.

A good instructor and studio are your first priority, but after that, you’ll want a martial arts practice area in your home so you can improve between classes. Your home practice space doesn’t have to be huge; a corner in a room somewhere is enough to practice forms and stretching. If you have the space to give, maybe a whole room, your practice can grow even more quickly. Regardless of the space you choose to dedicate to your martial arts practice, a simple flooring system made of EVA foam martial arts mats will transform it into your own personal martial arts studio. Just like the mats at your gym or studio, martial arts mats for your home are padded, supportive, and easy to install and care for.

Our martial arts mats are made of closed-cell EVA foam, so they’re water-resistant (a good idea when you’re going to be working up a sweat in your practice). The regular sized mats are 2′ square (Jumbo are 40″ square), and have tabbed edges that lock into each other to give a snug fit that won’t slip. We recommend the application of carpet tape to the underside for added security. When the mats are installed on a hard surface like hardwood or cement, you can expect years of comfortable, anti-fatigue practice.

It’s important to mention that our martial arts mats come in different thicknesses. If you’re new to martial arts or if kids are going to be involved (best to start them early on the path to confident self-defense), we recommend the thickest mat: the 1″ thick martial arts mat. This offers the most padding and protection, which is great for beginners of all ages. From there, you can choose mats from 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick as your needs require. All the mats connect the same way and clean up well with nothing more than a little water and maybe some mild detergent.

Be proactive when it comes to choosing the best martial arts mats for self-defense. Insist on the best so you can expect years of safe, comfortable practice in the martial arts.