The Best Exercise Mat for Functional Fitness

Functional fitness isĀ about the easiest home workout you can do, especially when you have our fitness mats to back you up. If you are not looking to become the world’s strongest person, but just want to make sure you can go through life healthy and prepared for daily demands, functional fitness can help you do that. Our job is to make sure your functional fitness routine is able to be done at home in safety and with as much comfort as possible.

Whether you drive a school bus, sit at a desk, or stand on a factory floor, our fitness mats will give you the comfort and support you need to do your workout routine at home in a personalized way that keeps you ready for your daily job and those weekend activities you look forward to. Functional fitness has you repeat movements (usually with added weight) that you normally do in your daily routine. Lunges (vacuuming or lawn mowing), standing bicep curls (picking up a grocery bag or child), and other functional fitness skills are done in a measured manner, steadily increasing the resistance, so that the next 50# bag you think you can easily just grab and go won’t end up costing you a torn something or other.

Maybe you already have an established functional fitness routine at the gym – that’s great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could do it in the comfort of your own home with your own fitness and floor mats? Sure would make making sure it gets done a whole lot easier! Let’s see what that might look like. For starters, let’s say you have one small room you can dedicate for workouts. First you’ll install our wall-to-wall EVA foam multi-purpose mats. This is mainly for protecting your floors from things like machines or dropped weights, but since you can get them in several thicknesses, they can also be used to give you a little extra padding for floor work. These mats come in squares and fit together with puzzle-piece tabs. They’re easily cut to fit with a utility knife or sharp scissors. Install them over any hard surface like tile or linoleum (we don’t recommend over carpet as they will be more likely to shift and buckle). So measure your space, order your mats, and you have a great foundation in place.

Now you can choose which personal exercise mat you want to use for the different parts of your routine. Each size is about 2″ thick, but can grow in length from 2′ wide to 6′ wide and from 6′ long to 10′ long. So you have a decision to make! If you want to afford yourself the maximum amount of room and padding, grab that 6’x10′ exercise mat and never look back. You’ll be able to do as many reps of your favorite functional exercise as you want because you’re supported properly. Our mats are hands down (and feet down, and bum down,…) the best mats for functional fitness.