The Best Floors for Gyms

I’m at the gym the other day, and I noticed the floors. Not for the first time, but I really looked closely during this particular workout. The gym has been open for less than a year, and while their efforts at cost control are laudable, even necessary in today’s economy, a gym rat with eyes for flooring comes away wondering if it wouldn’t have been wiser to invest in a more durable floor.There were many, many seams where the rubber tiles were coming apart. Not only is this an eyesore, but a potential tripping hazard. At the places where there had been obvious trauma to the floor, chunks of flooring were missing, revealing the depth of the flooring that had been chosen, about 1/4″ at best. (We tend to notice these things at We Sell Mats.) I watched as an employee gave the floors a once-over with a broom and dust pan, then I went to the areas he had just swept. Dirt and debris were still stuck in the porous floor – absolutely unsightly.

Now, I like this gym and hope it succeeds (several have come and gone in our community), but if the foundation is flawed, what can we reasonably expect?

Gym floors have to be able to accommodate heavy traffic, lots of dirt brought in from outside, spills (water, but also energy and sports drinks), heavy weight and constant pressure from machines. Additionally, they should be shock-absorbing for the athletes who are going to be training on them, and should not pose a threat either from loose seams or toxic adhesives underneath. Is there one solution that works at all these needs? Yes, Virginia, there is such a floor system!

Our commercial rubber flooring is made from recycled rubber and is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Even if the surface becomes wet, say from a really good spinning class or maybe a spilled, purple sports drink, it will remain non-slip and stain-free. Our unique interlocking tabs connect the tiles together, firmly, without the use of adhesives, providing a trip-free (read lawsuit-free) surface throughout the gym. The rubber tiles are 3/8″ thick to offer support and cushioning at the same time, an absolute necessity for training. To clean this flooring, sweep the loose debris up, then mop with a little water. That’s it. No harsh chemicals need pollute the air your clientele is breathing.

If you’re looking for the best flooring system for your gym, gymnastics or martial arts studio, you can call off the search. Our commercial rubber flooring is hands-down the best flooring you could install. We can even customize the color of the tiles to match your existing colors. For seriously large applications, the commercial rubber flooring is also available in rolls. If you’re ready to invest, give our outstanding customer service folks a call at 704-929-8945 for more information.