The Best Gymnastics Mats Are At We Sell Mats!

We’re often faced with a question when people are shopping for items for a specific sport or practice, like our gymnastics mats – why should a customer shop with a general mat retailer like us instead of a dedicated gymnastics shop? It’s a good question.

You might think that a gymnastics shop would carry the best mats for gymnastics, seeing as it is their field. But it’s actually quite the opposite – a gymnastics store has to source a huge variety of gymnastics equipment, including mats. They might know a lot about the different kinds of equipment that are available, but only a retailer dedicated to the options available for one specific type of equipment (mats in our case) has the kind of know-how you need in order to get the ideal mats for the job.

So, at, we’ve sorted through all the inferior mats for you, and you can be sure you’re only getting the best gymnastics mats available. That said, we know it’s kind of a bummer when you can’t do all the necessary shopping on one site, which is where the convenience of a general gymnastics retailer might appeal to some. So we’ve taken the liberty of stocking some accessories and non-mat equipment that you might need to order in addition to the gymnastics mats you were already going to order. If you mosey on over to the accessories category in our gymnastics section, you’ll see we’re carrying mat trucks, mount trainers and more. We’ve also got skill shapes and Nastia Liukin’s signature training gear.

Perhaps most importantly, we want to work with you and make sure that you’ve got the right gear. We try to make sure you have the right amount of options, but there are so many that it’s not always obvious which one is the best choice for you. So if you’ve got any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about your particular setup and the right mat solution for you!