The Best Heavy Duty Flooring Solution

It doesn’t take long for the daily goings-on in a gym or industrial environment to turn a floor into mulch, so you’ve taken the right first step in looking for a heavy-duty solution to a heavy-duty problem. You know you need something between your feet and the building’s pre-installed flooring, but the question remains: what should that be? We carry a lot of mats, (it’s kind of our thing), and they’re all tough, but you likely wouldn’t be reading this if you thought “tough” could cut it. While all of our mats are durable and appropriate for a plethora of applications, we’ve got a select handful that are built to withstand anything you can throw at them.

Meet heavy-duty PVC. It comes in the same type of interlocking tiles that you’re used to with our EVA mats, but they’re significantly heavier and more durable: the very same adhesive- and tool-free installation our other products afford you that keeps your workload to a minimum. Not only will it hold up against the rigors of gym traffic or anything else it might encounter, it’s also non-reactive to oil and most chemicals, so it requires no special cleaners, and you needn’t worry about damage from liquids.

Between our PVC mats’ physical and chemical resilience, you’ll find not only are these a great choice for gyms, but they actually work wonderfully in industrial settings too – if you need a softer contact point than a concrete warehouse or garage floor, these make an excellent choice. They’re right at home around machinery of any kind, whether it’s exercise equipment, or the tools of your trade. They’re heavy, but we can ship up to 100 tiles by UPS Ground or freight. After that it’s freight only.

This is our pledge to get you the right flooring for the right purpose, and with a minimum of labor and expense on your part. If you’ve still got any questions, or you’re not sure which tiles you need for your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or web, and we’ll help you get it figured out as quickly as we can!