The Best Heavy Duty Flooring

Time to bring out the big guns. Yes, it’s commercial flooring day at We Sell Mats – the day we focus on the heavy duty applications of our unbeatable floor tiles. So those of you who own gyms or fitness clubs, the dudes who work 12 hours a day on cars and trucks, and the rest of you who stand from 9-5 for a living? This one’s for you.

Heavy duty flooring provides solid support along with just the right amount of give in places like gyms, garages, salons, factories, and retail stores. And to accommodate these widely diverse applications, We Sell Mats offers two unique flooring materials.

To provide a safe, solid, and comfortable workout, every gym or fitness club should be outfitted with our commercial rubber floor tiles. In addition to providing serious support under seriously heavy equipment, these floor tiles are specially designed to be non-slip, even when they’re wet. The last thing you need is an injury from an unsafe flooring surface! Additionally, these tiles, like other We Sell Mats products, are designed to connect with interlocking tabs, so no glue or other adhesives are necessary. If the space you’re covering changes, simply remove the tiles and reassemble them in the new space. If you need to cover a large space, our commercial rubber flooring is available in rolls, too. And to tie it all together, this awesome flooring is even available in custom colors.

Whether you’re working in the garage at home or working at the garage, you’re going to appreciate a little support, and nothing makes you feel loved more than a cushioned floor surface. Our PVC floor tiles come with either smooth or coin top surfaces, and in a variety of colors. Because they also come with our interlocking tab design, they can be laid with no adhesive, removed, and re-laid a thousand times without compromising their integrity. Even if you only have a few minutes a day to spare, you can still install this top-notch flooring system yourself, saving the cost of a professional installation. It’s really that easy. Order just a few extra and if one ever gets damaged, you can just pop it out and put the replacement in. Can’t say that about too many other floor coverings!
Give us a call – we’re ready to help you put together the best flooring system for your business or home, according to your specs, your color scheme, your budget.