The Best Incline Mat

In the market for some gymnastics equipment? Let us recommend the incline mat. You may know it as an incline wedge or even a cheese mat, but they’re the same thing. And if you’ve used them before, you know how versatile and valuable they can be.Our incline mats are the top-of-the line in terms of safety, functionality, durability and ease of use. Made of strong, long-lasting Crosslink Polyethylene foam with a vinyl cover, these wedges can incline to 14 or 16 inches. The exterior vinyl is a cinch to clean and the internal foam is non-toxic and won’t rot. Storage is simple: just fold it up into a square (which also doubles as a perfect platform mat!).

Start the toddlers off right with tumbling at home or in a mom-n-me class at the gym. Incline mats are fun and safe and will help your little one learn to love the active lifestyle. Once the kids are into gymnastics or cheerleading, incline mats become a necessary piece of safety and training equipment. You could spend $1000 on a pilates incline mat table for yourself, or you could use the much more affordable incline mat from We Sell Mats. No matter how you look at it, our incline wedges are useful to any age, any ability, and any pocket book.

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