The Best Mats for Tabata-Style Workouts

Can’t get to the gym because of the weather? You could try shoveling a path to the gym – that might get you a great workout and the undying admiration and loyalty of the entire neighborhood, but it’s not what you’re looking for. A good workout at home is the answer. With many options to choose from, we encourage you to pick a thorough, challenging, but doable workout and get going. We also have the perfect mats to help you make this home workout the most efficient and comfortable it can be.

High-intensity interval training isn’t new, but it seems the variations on the theme are limitless. Most of the H.I.I.T. style workouts stem from the research done by Dr. Izumi Tabata on the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating Team. In just eight rounds of 20-second high-intensity training, athletes increased their aerobic and anaerobic capacities significantly. These findings have led to the workout du jour of the past decade. While it’s definitely not training for a beginner, this regimen has certainly been shown to get results fast, and in very little time. And one of the best aspects of the workout is that you don’t need to go to the gym to do it.

The Tabata Protocol has evolved to include such mundane exercises as squats, push-ups, mountain-climbers, sit-ups, and burpees. Any kind of calisthenic is acceptable, as long as it’s done with intensity for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest after each round. combine a couple in a 20-second interval or stick to just one. Any way you do it, if you focus on the intensity, you’re going to get results. Now to do this at home, we recommend one small addition: the perfect exercise mat.

You saw the words “high-intensity,” right? So you’ll need a space in your home that can handle some serious activity. Carpeting is definitely out: the wear and tear from a H.I.I.T. workout would have it looking worn and old in about a week. But to protect your joints, hands, and rear end from impact and pressure, you definitely want a little cushioning. Take a look at out personal exercise mats. These 2’x6′ mats are a whopping 1 5/8″ thick with a durable 18 oz. vinyl covering. These can take anything your workout can dish out. Sweat, sneakers, and exhausted bodies – no problem. Wipe them down with a wet rag, fold them up, and store them until next time. Absolutely the best mats for Tabata training.

Tabata is pretty simple and straightforward. So are our mats. We think they should both stay that way. Get in a good workout on a durable, and shock-absorbing surface in your own home. Nothing better!