The Best Play Mats for Kids

kids play mats

When you’re in the market for the best play mats for your little ones, we know exactly what you’re looking for. The most important quality for play mats is always safety. You want a surface that will protect your kids (and your floors!) and be non-toxic. Then you want something easy to clean (they’re kids…duh), and that you could quite possibly pick up and take along on family vacations and other adventures. Good news: we’ve got what you’re looking for.

ABC/123 play mats are the only play mats you’ll need while your young children are still little enough to play in a small space. Grab a set for your home and you’ll instantly have 36 square feet of soft, shock-absorbing space for play time. In just minutes, after you’ve cleared the designated space, you can install the letters of the alphabet and ten numbers into a playful, kids-can’t-resist configuration that will prevent little slips and falls from becoming major injuries. The letters and numbers double as a teaching tool, and since the EVA foam they’re made from is comfortable to sit on, you won’t mind the time you spend on them helping the kids play and learn. Even grandparents will enjoy time on the floor with their babies!

If your kids are older, or you just don’t think the alphabet is great decor, you can always opt for our EVA foam multi-purpose mats for the play area. These solid color mats connect quickly, just as the ABC/123 mats, and are made of the same non-toxic EVA foam. You can choose a color that complements the room that will house the play space, and even mix a couple of colors to create an interesting and entertaining pattern. If the kids are old enough, they’ll even enjoy helping put their “puzzle floor” together!

The best play mats are ones that make you and your kids feel safe and that’s exactly what our ABC/123 play mats and multi-purpose mats do. So clear out that space, measure, and order your EVA foam mats today. In less time than it takes to sort all those toys, you’ll have a brand new play space that will last for years.