The Best Time to Tumble is Now!

Tumbling mats are, hands down, the best holiday gift a kid could ever get. If you’re one of those lucky adults who has an active, energetic, and sometimes intolerably wiggly child in your life, tumbling mats are a great way to engage all that energy in a positive way.

The tumbling mats you’ll find at We Sell Mats are of the highest quality and the most affordable price. Check out some of our reviews: we’re not just bragging. It really is true! Not that your kids will care, but we also have the best customer service people in the industry. Even they get awesome reviews! When you’re ordering online, it’s good to know that the product you’re ordering will be backed up by the best follow-up and customer service out there. It’s just a little peace of mind in an otherwise hectic season.

So let’s talk about the tumbling mats and why they’re just what you’re looking for. Our tumbling mats come in three sizes, one of which will most likely fit in your home, even if it involves consigning the unused exercise bike to the trash. All three sizes, the 4×6, 4×8, and 5×10 are made of a durable polyethylene foam and covered in a strong 18 oz vinyl. They fold and have hook and loop fasteners so you can connect them to additional mats if you need to. Wipe them down, fold them up, and store them easily until you need them again. It just doesn’t get any easier.

How do you know if you’re getting the right tumbling mats for your kids? That’s easy! Any child who loves rolling around, turning cartwheels, flipping, doing somersaults, and vaulting over the back of the couch is going to love these mats. They’ll protect your floors and your kids’ heads, so what’s not to love? The only choice you need to make is the size and color!

Tumbling mats are one of those gifts that won’t end up forgotten by the first of January. Kids will use them for tumbling, gymnastics, sleepovers, playtime, and probably at least a dozen other things no one has ever thought of before. These mats are the best way to help channel and encourage your child’s active lifestyle, keeping them moving through the holidays and beyond!