The Best Trade Show Booth has EVA Foam Mats

busy trade show/expo

Putting together a successful booth for trade shows can be a challenge. The display needs to be attractive, professional, and intriguing enough to pull potential customers in. But frankly, it has to be comfortable to stand on for hours at a time. And therein lies the rub. Never was a trade show held on anything less than hard concrete floors, right? So to be prepared for this inevitable eventuality, you need to be armed with your own flooring solution that will attract customers and keep you and your staff happily on your feet for the duration. EVA foam mats are that solution.We Sell Mats supplies countless small and big businesses with lightweight EVA foam flooring tiles that can be transported easily, installed in just a few minutes, cleaned with nothing more than water, and quickly removed and stored when the job is done. Compare this to other flooring systems like a rolled carpet, bare concrete, or tile, and you’ll see that interlocking foam mats are the best possible solution for trade shows, no questions asked.

When it comes to keeping you or your staff looking fresh and excited to greet potential customers at your booth, nothing works harder than EVA foam. You can’t find a better anti-fatigue surface that transports and installs as efficiently as our foam mats. With 3/8″ of cushioning and support beneath your feet, you won’t feel the fatigue and stress generated by hard, trade show flooring surfaces. Additionally, with just the right choice, you could also use your flooring as a key in attracting customers.

Our wood grain floor mats are by far our most popular mats, and with good reason. Like all our other mats, they install quickly and easily, but these mats have an attractive wood grain finish that draws the eye in a unique way. And once a customer steps onto these mats, they may just not want to leave! You may also want to consider our carpet top mats. A carpeted feel to a foam mat is hard to beat. Choose from several different colors to complement your booth.

If you’re ready to give your trade show booth the boost it deserves, order our convenient packs in 24 square feet or 100 square feet. Not sure which to choose? Give us a call! We love helping folks design the perfect booth and look forward to helping you make yours the best it can be!