The Best Yoga Mat for a Good Workout and Quiet Meditation

Think you can’t have it all in a yoga mat? Think again! Our Manduka Pro yoga mats are constructed to provide everything you could possibly need in a yoga mat: comfort and support. And did we mention they’re totally affordable with a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer? 

If you want the absolute most a yoga practice can bring, you’ll want a yoga mat that is there to help you achieve your goal. The Manduka Pro yoga mats we offer come in two thicknesses. If you’re just beginning a practice, or if you know you want a little more padding, the Manduka Pro yoga mat is exactly the right mat for you. It’s 6mm thick – almost twice the thickness of the flimsy yoga mats you might find at the gym. The Manduka Pro yoga mats have a fabric-like texture that wicks moisture away from your skin while providing superior traction for hands and feet. No one wants their Tree to topple or their Downward Dog to flatten, so a mat that offers the most grip is the one to begin with. The thickness of the Manduka Pro also makes meditation more comfortable. If you want to extend the time you spend in shavasana or in a seated position for meditation, the extra thickness of the Manduka Pro will help keep you from feeling fatigued or uncomfortable so you can learn to increase your meditation time and thus your mental focus.

For yogis well into their practice and who enjoy lightweight yoga mats, the Manduka Pro Lite is an excellent choice. If you like taking your own mat to the studio or gym, this easy-to-carry yoga mat allows you to take all the positive qualities of the Manduka Pro on the road. It has the same closed-cell structure as the Manduka Pro, so it won’t absorb and breed bacteria, something that’s quite possible to pick up at the gym. It’s easy to clean and care for and comes with the same Lifetime Guarantee as the Manduka Pro yoga mat.

When you’re confident about the comfort and support you get from your Manduka Pro yoga mat, you’ll discover you might just be a little more confident about your yoga practice, too. It’s nice to know that the yoga mat that keeps you steady and sure in a hot yoga class is the same one that keeps you supported and comfortable in meditation. The Manduka Pro is a frankly the only yoga mat you’ll ever need. You’re welcome.