A Bigger Bang for Your Trade Show Buck

Your job at the trade show is to make contacts, sell your product, and make a name for yourself in the industry. But – and it’s a big but – you have to do it on a budget. Small businesses have much to gain from trade shows, but it can cost big bucks to put together a trade show package that really sells. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to break the bank. We Sell Mats is here to update your booth without draining your resources!

Once you’ve determined to exhibit at a trade show, you have to put together the best booth to attract your target population, and – no kidding – some EVA foam mats can be the boost your booth needs at an unbeatable per-square-foot price. Many of our customers have written to tell us they’ve used our mats instead of carpet rolls on the floors of their booths and love the results. Think about it: you’re in a sea of concrete surrounded by utilitarian aluminum siding, fluorescent lighting, and, as luck would have it, your next door neighbor at the show is giving away plates of fried fish. Not your ideal environment. But if your booth is displayed atop some seriously inviting wood grain foam mats, you’ve elevated yourself and your product a notch above the cold, industrial surroundings (though it probably won’t help with the fish smell).

From a distance, our wood grain mats are almost always mistaken for hardwood floors. Even up close, it’s hard to tell they’re made of soft, supportive, anti-fatigue EVA foam. But when your customers step on them after leaving the unforgiving concrete of the exhibition center floor, well, you may just have a hard time getting them to leave. You will forever be associated in their minds with a comfortable feeling, one that will lend itself to the sale of your product. And that’s what trade shows are all about.

Update your booth for the best crowd appeal with low-cost, high-return EVA foam mats!